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Grand Canyon Rafting - Thumbnails

These are from a raft trip that I took in the Grand Canyon in April 2005 with the Canyoneers (highly recommended!). We went from Lees Ferry to South Cove, 297 miles; the motorized raft took seven days (pictures 1a-1z = April 15, pictures 7a-7e = April 21). It was a wonderful trip in all respects: scenery, crew, fellow passengers, food, and everything else. I had people send me their pictures after the trip; the 150 pictures included here are a selection from about 1000 pictures from 18 cameras, from waterproof disposables to mid-range and high-end digitals.

Click the screen on the right for a 20 minute Grand Canyon rafting video.

To see all the pictures in sequence, click the first picture (or here) and then just keep clicking the right-arrow for the next picture.

1a - Bus from Flagstaff 1b - Our boat at Lees Ferry 1c - Loading the boat 1d - Into calm waters 1e - Orientation from Jack 1f - The passengers 1g - Paria River 1h - Navajo Bridges 1i - Ten Mile Rock 1j - Ten Mile Rock 1k - Not a dead end 1l - Yummy lunch 1m - Yummy Lunch 1n - Brandon, Anita, Evan 1o - Anna resting 1p - Meme and Bianca 1q - Back on the boat 1r - Pour off 1s - Jamie looking serious 1t - Bighorn Sheep 1u - Hike up Rider Canyon 1v - Big river boulder 1w - Canyon 1x - Yellow boats 1y - Our boat 1z - First camp, Shinumo Wash 2a - Anasazi ruins 2b - Rock art 2c - Hiking down from South Canyon 2d - Vasey's Paradise 2e - Redwall cavern 2f - Smaller cave 2g - River 2h - Cliff 2i - Reflections 2j - Bridge of Sighs 2k - Lunch 2l - Our boat 2m - Tunnel to explore possible dam 2n - Canyon 2o - Saddle Canyon hike 2p - Saddle Canyon falls 2q - Rapids 2r - Down position 2s - Splash 2t - Alan and Gordan 2u - Unloading and cooking 2v - Dinner 2w - Camp reflections 2x - Kwagunt Camp 2y - Kwagunt Camp 3a - Breakfast 3b - Long shadows 3c - Reflecting on a calm section 3d - Starting a day of big rapids 3e - Brown Little Colorado River 3f - Tanner Beach 3g - Unkar Delta stop 3h - Blooming cactus 3i - Pieces of ancient pottery 3j - Sunflowers 3k - Escalante Creek on Escalante route 3l - Papago Wall, climb on Escalante route 3m - Papago Slide, descend on Escalante route 3n - Wee frothy rapids 3o - Splash 3p - Start of Tonto Plateau at Red Canyon 3q - Rock 3r - Kaibab Bridge and trail 3s - Pipe Creek and Bright Angel trail 3t - Splash 3u - Splash 3v - Big splash 3w - Drying off in Bass Rapids camp 3x - Bass waterfall, great duke scenery 3y - Old Ross Wheeler boat 3z - Marilyn, Anna, Jerry 4a - Elves Chasm 4b - Elves Chasm 4c - Marilyn 4d - Brandon 4e - Returning from hike 4f - Gash and Rod 4g - Polished black rock 4h - Marilyn and Carol 4i - Snack time 4j - Narrows 4k - Water Buffalo 4l - Harry 4m - Jamie 4n - Stopping for lunch 4o - Food chest 4p - Anita 4q - Randy's Rock 4r - Deer Creek Falls 4s - Bruce and Jerry at Deer Creek Falls 4t - Deer Creek narrows 4u - Deer Creek narrows 4v - Our boat below 4w - Hiking back down 4x - Camp after Deer Creek 4y - Anna and Jerry 5a - Fearless Jamie 5b - Evan and Gordon 5c - Small splash 5d - Sitting on the side 5e - Havasu Creek 5f - Havasu hike 5g - Havasu rocks 5h - Gash on the rocks 5i - Havasu seaweed 5j - Havasu crossing 5k - Brandon and Stretch 5l - Havasu swim 5m - Boats below 5n - Parked at Havasu Rapids 5o - Havasu lunch 5p - Havasu lunch 5q - Jack 5r - Stretch (Alex) and Bruce 5s - Facing the wee beasties 5t - Total splash 5u - Smile for the camera 5v - Ken likes cold water 6a - Guide Jamie 6b - Guide Bianca 6c - Jack and Ken 6d - Anasazi rock art 6e - Blooming cactus 6f - Other boaters 6g - Yellow boats 6h - The Cataract 6i - Polished rock 6j - Pumpkin warm spring 6k - Diamond Peak, elevation like Lees Ferry 6l - Dry bags kept our gear dry 6m - Some boats take out at Diamond Creek 6n - Travertine Canyon 6o - Small rapids 6p - Travertine Falls 6q - Plant life 6r - Gordon at talent night 6s - Gash and Jack at talent night 6t - Meme at talent night 6u - Harry imitating Bianca 7a - Breaking camp for the last time 7b - Transfer to jet boat at mile 246 7c - Rolling up outer pontoons 7d - Jet boat on Lake Mead 7e - Arriving at South Cove, mile 297